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Hannah Bowers is a singer, songwriter, producer, mental health advocate, emotional intelligence assessor and entrepreneur. Her multifaceted artistry is expressed in an array of collaborative projects aimed to empower others to embrace their individuality. She is the founder and CEO of PAL, a community of creatives supporting each other’s personal and professional growth through positivity, authenticity and love.


Hannah was born and raised in the heart of the Santa Cruz Mountains with 2 Bay Area radio DJs for parents. She began writing lyrics in her early childhood, instrumental pieces pre-puberty, and was fully producing her own music by 15. Bowers moved to Los Angeles at 18 to attend University of Southern California's Thornton School of Music and graduated in 2017 with a degree in music industry and songwriting, and a debut album. 


Her songs have been featured in primetime television shows such as CBS’ NCIS:LA, Elementary and Instinct, as well as several independent films including the award-winning Miss Arizona. Her multi-genre collaborators include URBVN, Jynjo, Neptvne, ASTRINA, Benny Boy, Richard Wolf, Birdshield, montag, Destiny Reflect, and ZMCD Productions.


When she's not writing and producing, she's helping other artists live their dreams. She is a certified emotional intelligence assessor and uses those tools to support young creatives live their most fulfilling, healthy and authentic lives through one-on-one mentoring sessions and artist coaching. She regularly holds supportive community events through her organization PAL, and shares self-development and creative tips & tricks on The PAL Podcast.

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